Market vendor discards vegetables

Market vendor Mahesh Chand, 65, waits for customers at the Nausori market. Picture: FILE/ELIKI NUKUTABU

Mahesh Chand was forced to throw away most of the vegetables he had harvested last week on Friday because of the Suva-Nausori lockdown over the weekend.

“I brought all my vegetables and was ready to sell it in the market on Saturday, but I couldn’t do anything but throw them out because it was all bad,” the Nausori market vendor said.

He said he threw out four bags of eggplant, one bag of okra and one bag of ridge gourd.

“I pulled all these vegetables during the rain on Friday so I couldn’t store them for long as they started wilting.

“It was really sad to throw those vegetables during this time where there are people struggling to feed their families.”

Another resident, Takayawa Latu, said if the authorities had given warning during the day on Friday, people would have prepared themselves better.

“Giving a warning or announcing the lockdown during the day would have allowed us to prepare by buying groceries and other things needed by our families,” she said.

“It was really hard because we usually buy our groceries on Saturday.”

Ms Latu said she came to town earlier this week to buy extra groceries to prepare for unexpected lockdowns in the future.

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