Letters to the Editor – Sunday, September 8, 2019

Fiji Airways Flying Fijians side after their training run at Churchill Park in Lautoka before departing for Japan. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

First RWC match

FIJI is out to create the first RWC upset in just the earlier rounds.

I am even talking about our very first game against the mighty Wallabies.

A lot has been said about our pool, since Wales is definitely an uphill battle too.

I feel we are far more than blessed to play Australia in our first game because it is mostly where we will lay down our tonnes of elements of surprises.

Should McKee pick the right bunch, then we are set to display some of our best attacking rugby that we have been missing so far.

I believe in this team and I do trust the leadership as well.

All the best boys!

Waisale Moce Nadarivatu

Attitude change

I BELIEVE words of apology are not enough.

Behavioural change is essential.

Tessa Mackenzie, Suva

Judo lesson

YOU take the strength of your adversary and then you use it against him.

Only in Tailevu and Rewa, as we say in Namosi and Navosa.

Mathieu Pelletier, Nadi

Back to the drawing board

OH, so so sadly.

Too much hype.

We must have gotten swollen-headed.

We failed on home ground at the ANZ Stadium, Suva.

Western Force 38-Fiji Drua 15.

One away and one home loss.

Just not good enough, Drua.

Back to the drawing boards for round 3.

Congrats Western Force.

Commiserations Fiji Drua.

Ronnie Chang, Mountainview, Martintar, Nadi

Congratulations in order

WELL done.

All FijiFirst MPs deserve to be re-elected come the next election for showing fair, strong and respectable leadership.

Dan Urai, Lautoka

Footpath hazard

ON the note of people looking at their mobile phones while walking along footpaths I have a few suggestions.

The city and town councils need to put up warning signs as reminder about this especially when crossing the road.

But please don’t use the people who make our road signs.

And people who are not on any gadget can buy those very loud air horns to blast at people walking with their head down oblivious to others or with earphones on.

And these people on gadgets may purchase hazard lights that will warn others to move out of the way and make way for them.

Or they could have dome flashing lights sitting on top of their head and a siren blaring away.

Oh oh oh and we can create a new job called the footpath police.

They will book careless people who are on their gadgets and walking (as in driving) dangerously.

When one is booked their penalty is to be handcuffed to a lamppost for a few hours.

If these will not deter people then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Rugby World Cup team

THERE is an interview that is being circulated via social media on Big Brad Johnstone and his tenure as coach of our Flying Fijians on the eve of the RWC 2019.

What was interesting was what he shared with the interviewer was something I have been saying all along, which is our team is a team for the RWC, it’s like the highlight for us as a nation because of the circumstances surrounding rugby nowadays where everything starts and ends with a dollar value.

Until the bigwigs in the white house start getting off their tushes and start working for the betterment of rugby in Fiji then can we really start progressing.

We need to build on from the Kaji Rugby, to the Deans competition, then on to the Skipper then Drua or Warriors then finally the Flying Fijians.

Until we can get players in the country training together for at least a month together and playing together only then can we make inroads into the rugby world, then we can be considered a formidable team and even have tier 1 nations touring our country like they did back in the rugby heydays of the 1970s.

Right now as individuals our players are mesmerising the rugby world in their individual teams, now imagine if we were to combine all that year in year out and not just every four years, then dear brethren will we bedazzle the rugby world once again like our forefathers once did in the past.

But in the meantime let’s all get behind our boys and Long John Silver in the Land of the Rising Sun and let’s hope that the refereeing debacle of 1999 does not haunt us again.

Toso Viti!

Lawrence Wara, Santa Rosa

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