Letters to the Editor: Saturday April 4, 2020

A letter writer has commended The Fiji Times. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

Families struggle

OUR best-selling newspaper TheFiji Times has done a wonderful job with its coverage of the impact of COVID-19.

I must commend The Fiji Times for this fair and responsible reporting for this is what people look forward to during a national crisis such as this.

Our letter writers also deserve accolades for putting across their opinions and views via the Letters to the Editor column. I have en joyed reading these letters.

In yesterday’s edition, The Fiji Times reported about how families were struggling in Fiji to make ends meet and I was saddened to read about the difficulties Fijians were

facing to put food on the dining table.

This is the time to join hands to help each other. Sharing whatever little we have will help families who
are facing difficulties because of the job losses and reduction in hours.

I’m glad that the Lautoka Rate-payers Association and FRIEND Fiji have come to the aid of needy families in the Sugar City.

I hope that FNPF help will hasten up so that people are able to receive cash and they can do their shopping.

Times are hard and it is important that we save whatever little we have for the rainy days ahead.
God bless Fiji!

Nadawa, Nasinu

Why the elbow?

I REALLY do not understand why there is a standing anti COVID-19 advice that one should sneeze or cough into one’s elbow. I find that unhealthy and quite disgusting. Is it not the very place where a person, especially a mother, would nestle, cuddle or hold a baby, child or young adult’s head, in an affectionate and reassuring way?

By doing so, the person’s mouth, nose and eyes may come in direct contact with the residue of the coughs and sneezes released.

It’s ironic that while one fervently, faithfully and regularly wash one’s own hands with sanitised lotion, soap and water for the mandatory 20 seconds, the elbows and the affected clothes that may be covering it remains on the body untouched or cleaned away.

It then is directly and unfortunately introduced to the young person’s orifices.

I would have thought that the more safe advice, is to sneeze or cough into a tissue and discard it into a waste bin or flush down the toilet.

EDWARD BLAKELOCK Admiral Circle,Pacific Harbour

Crime rate
THIS will be a good time for the authorities to publish about the crime rate.

If it has dropped and by how many per cent?

ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka

COVID-19 status

THE four Lautoka residents who tested positive with the virus are reportedly stable .

Lautoka has been on a lockdown. Despite this, residents continued socialising and social distancing was never practised.

Thankfully the virus seemed to have disappeared with no new case identified while in Europe people are dying every day from the same virus.

The question now begging is how or what were the coronavirus victims, who tested positive, treated
with, to bring about such positive and welcoming results?

Can the medical authority care to share?

DAN URAI Lautoka

Fighting back
IF COVID-19 continues its rampage and trade with other countries stops, we will run short of oil, flour, rice and other necessities of life that we have always imported.

This is a good wake up call for Government, Opposition and everyone in Fiji to quickly bring about positive changes that will also make us produce our own and these can be locally produced:

 Edible oil from palm
oil which we can plant and
harvest within 18 months;
 Purple, gluten-free flour from purple sweet potatoes or kumala that mature in three months;

 Orange, gluten-free flour from orange sweet potatoes or kumala which mature in three months;

 Mass produce our own red pontiac potatoes.
 Fiji can follow the two
billion people of Asia and Africa who make their glu-
ten-free fl our from cassava;

 They have also made
their animal feed and other edible products from cassava flour; and

 Since we used to produce a good percentage of our rice decades ago, this is the opportunity for the people of Fiji and the Agriculture Department to bring about new changes because we have the land and the climate to sustain these planned changes.

This will also fi ll pockets of many Fiji citizens who will produce our needs leading to food security and reduction in imports.

Wake up people and advance Fiji.


Comment please
WE have seen numerous initiatives rolled out to assist those badly affected financially by the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many initiatives have centred around financial institutions allowing deferments in loan repayments and interest etc., to borrowers.

However, I have not seen any guarantees from financial institutions, such as banks, that those of us who have deposits with them can be assured that our money is safe. Many of us have planned for our retirements wisely, are we going to lose out?

Comments from the RBF, banks, Government etc., on this issue are urgently needed.


Not interested

PLEASE family, relatives and friends, refrain from sending me anymore video clips, photos and messages
about COVID-19. Unless you have a cure, I’m not interested!


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