Letters to the Editor – October 8, 2018

Fiji Airways Drua player Apisalome Waqatabu scores a try against Canberra Vikings during their match in the National Rugby Championship at Churchill Park Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Unbeaten home run
HATS off to the Fiji Airways Drua side for maintaining the unbeaten run at home. Despite the flying start and racing off to an early 33-14 lead, I was slightly disappointed with the attitude and firepower of our boys to allow the Canberra Vikings to score three soft tries and take the lead with their fifth converted try. However, Kurumudu proved to be the hero and toast in the Sugar City as his sublime finish ensured that our boys maintained a clean sheet at home unlike last year when they lost three games to Queensland Country, NSW Country Eagles and Sydney Rays. The Force stands in our path of a top finish and the Drua will face them this week. Force has had a good record and as I put pen to paper, trailed our boys by five points with one match to play. Apart from the penalties that went against the Drua in the second-half and those dropped balls, I believe our boys must be commended for shaping their set pieces and teamwork. The match against Force will determine our overall status on the NRC points table. My best wishes to the Drua for the final match and I thank the boys for booking a home semi and top position on the table!

Nasinu Rallying song
YESTERDAY, the Drua needed a rallying song similar to that for the English. Why not get the lali and drums going and all the supporters singing the song “Bula Malaya ke Viti tale ga…..”? Can you imagine the effect this would have on our Fiji teams: Drua, Warriors, Flying Fijians and our Sevens teams? Fiji Rugby please organise supporters to make this possible. Go Fiji, go.
Qanville Estate, Nasoso, Nadi

Equal playing field
FIRSTLY, I join many to congratulate The Fiji Times editor for his recent achievements on the international scene. That proudly sums up that truth is embraced in heaven and is showered one day in some form, but not necessarily immediately. Thus, those who regularly read The Fiji Times have a better understanding and are able to read more between the lines because your news coverage is versatile. Giving an equal playing field to Opposition is the most adorable feature of your paper, therefore, allow me to express my views on one political party, the Fiji Labour Party. Labour’s achievement of 9.6 per cent growth is the most mesmerising achievement in a 12-month period for any government in Fiji’s political history and the summary by Aman Ravindra-Singh speaks volumes of other achievements as well. That growth that stands the tallest is what the country needs at present for any incoming government after November 14, 2018. The benchmark set by the Labour government is yet to be repeated, but gracefully hints that our economy has the potential to reach there. Other conclusions drawn from that Saturday’s article is, those whoever were responsible then should realise now, we were deprived of economically enhanced wonderland Fiji under Labour government. It’s never too late to learn, but sometimes when you learn it’s too late.

‘Pio, the man’
PEOPLE had questioned NFP for taking in Pio Tikoduadua into its fold. Well, the article “campaign on facts not fear” on page 3 of The Fiji Times (FT 4/10) should put all queries to rest. Reading The Fiji Times on that day, two youngsters of Indian descent looked over my shoulder and asked “what are you reading?”. I gave them the paper and they read the article. They looked at one another and then back at me. I was taken aback by the fear that I saw in their eyes. I asked “Are you OK?”. They replied “How could he? After all that we have been through. He promised. We trusted him. Who is Pio Tikoduadua? We will check him out on Google or the NFP website”. Their friends joined them and they were in a huddle talking. All I could hear was: “Pio, the man”.
Knollys St, Suva

Confiscated fish
FIRST, I was surprised to hear that the confiscated fish was to be burnt or buried as stated by the PS of Fisheries and now the minister says it might be used for research! Earlier he said they would be given away. What a waste! For months we lived without the best fish in the world and now the fish will not fill anyone’s belly. Why not auction the fish to restaurants or some given to old people’s homes or orphanages. At least someone benefits. Not the illegal fishers but others. We, being a poorly resourced nation, should not copy other countries that destroyed millions of dollars of illegal ivory for instance, but rather we should make good use of these precious commodities. Waste not, want not!
NORMAN YEE Mehrotra Place, Martintar, Nadi

Election day
AS we approach election day it is expected that leaders of all faiths, community leaders including trade unionists will caution followers to vote responsibily. Simon Hazelman’s comments against the leaders of the two major denomination, Catholics and Methodist (FT 06/10), is uncalled for. Did he disagree with Archbishop Chong’s comment that the gap between the rich and poor including poverty has increased? I hope not because it unfortunately is the state of our country.
DAN URAI Lautoka

Classic screamer
MASTER Edwin Sahayam’s classic screamer brought delight and life to the “lions” fans and ensured that the “lions” maintained their winning run against Lautoka, who had former “lions” mentor Anand Sami as their technical adviser.
A wonderful goal and one seen on EPL or La Liga! So far so good for the Babasiga Lions! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu Family fun day IT is rather unfortunate that politics is in everything the prime minister does, even the family fun day. Sad, nah!
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Truth in election
I AGREE with the editorial comment that this is that time “when registered parties will fire off salvos” ( FT 07/10 ) to gain the upper hand in the election. I wonder what part truth telling plays in the election campaign to ensure we have a well-informed public who can then make up their minds on who to vote for?
Sydney, Australia

Thanks Drua
THANK you to the Drua team. Awesome, mate nai lavo.
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Billboard probe
IT’S that serious huh. Police will now put resources to investigate the mud flung on the billboard in Vugalei. Someone took the mudslinging too far.
Lovu, Lautoka

Grab all or share
IF I were the President, no former PM/MPs would be allowed to fight this year’s election. You guys have had your share of the cake. Please pass it on to other kids (new generation). I have to be mindful too that I will be out in four years’ time. Either I grab all or I share.

Visible politicians
WHY are politicians really visible before elections and become invisible after elections? Are they using some sort of magic paint? I am sure my friend Allen Lockington and his Kava Place crew would like a few gallons.
California, USA

Getting response
SOMETIMES the best way to get any response to queries you were tired of sending to the ministries is to write to the letters to the editor column. You will get one of my five known replies: 1. An answer to your query that satisfies you with two thumbs up; 2. A retaliation that aggravates you and many other people; 3. Stone cold silence with daggers flying at you; 4. A phone call, “Hey if you have any issues with us just give us a call, don’t write to the papers.”; 5. A threat.
I know, I have received all five over the 20-plus years of my writing to the papers.
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka


Emele Beti with her daughter Nafisha Dean at Naqara market, Taveuni. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU


Gift from God
A WONDERFUL and emotional story about the vegetable vendor from the Garden Island Emele Beti and her 13-year-old adopted daughter Nafisha Dean in The Sunday Times! Plenty lessons to take out from the delicate piece as we conclude the Senior Citizens Week. The saying love conquers all barriers was proved by Beti who has been looking after an abandoned girl from a squatter in Suva. Nafisha, who sees her mother as God’s gift, has been blessed with a new life and I pray that Beti fulfils her daughter’s dream of becoming an accountant. Thank you John for the story from Taveuni that was a beauty! At a time when some children are being abandoned and parents are neglected, the story has taught us to love all regardless of ethnicity, gender and colour and learning each other’s culture is the way forward for Fiji!
Nadawa, Nasinu

Words of encouragement
AFTER reading Emele Beti’s story (FT 07/10), I couldn’t stop myself from writing words of encouragement. I would say, Emele, keep up the spirit. Your love for the child and the work you are doing is purely the God in you. May God bless you.
Nadawa, Nasinu

Great Fijian spirit
A GREAT story indeed of Emele Beti and her now adopted daughter, Nafisha Dean, from the Garden Island of Taveuni and that is in the spirit of our 2013 Constitution. I would like to ask the district officer Taveuni and the commissioner Northern Division to please visit the family at Burotu to assist them regularise and legalise the status of this young Fijian girl through our Ministry of Social Welfare and the Juvenile Courts, Mrs Beti should also go a step further and include Nafisha Dean in both their VKB registration and change her name if she wishes so. It’s a great Fijian spirit and my tovata from Taveuni should be commended through a Medal of the Order of Fiji by His Excellency the President of our Republic.
Namaka, Nadi

Real champion
Reading the article on Emele Beti who adopted Nafisha Dean (FT 07/10) made my Sunday brighter.
You are a real champion madam. It is not easy to adopt a child from another ethnic group and raise him or her as you have done.
You have displayed a real duty of care for a human being irrespective of the race and colour. The very thought of adopting a child is godly in itself and you have become a super human in terms of human values and service to humankind. Challenges as she has mentioned are always ready in life and with love and commitment you have surpassed these challenges. People are always ready to pinpoint defects but you will cherish this action of yours with fulfillment and contentment. You have practised what others only preach. Our society is full of respect for you madam. Never succumb to negativity and he is there to assist you always. To Nafisha, please take care of your adopted parents as they have done to you now. They are “godsent” to you and you must ensure that they are kept at a status befitting their noble actions. People such as this mother should be given prominence in our churches and practical lives. No amount of gold medals can compensate the love and display of duty of care for a human being in this case. The smiles say it all. Love one another and hate none. God bless this family and give others a sense of humanity to treat everyone with love.

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