Letters to the Editor: Friday November 6, 2019

World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year, Jerry Tuwai runs through the defence under the watchful eyes of head coach Gareth Baber during the Fiji Airways Fiji men's sevens team training session at Albert Park in Suva on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Sevens rugby action

The 2019/2020 HSBC 7s action begins with the Dubai leg kicking off this weekend.

The challenge is on our coach Gareth Baber to give the result that pleases us.

No doubt he has been working very hard moulding the players and building a formidable team.

Let’s hope that he has made no mistake and hastiness in selecting the players for the new season.

It’s not an easy task though for any coach to identify the best ones because there are so many.

Many countries also utilise the services and talent of our rugby players.

According to the coach, our players have settled well and ready to showcase their talents in Dubai.

The stage is set for a weekend full of 7s action. May I take this opportunity to wish coach Gareth Baber and the players all the best.



Explosive start

I have high hopes that our boys will kick start this weekend’s Dubai 7s in an explosive way.

The format for the WRSS has changed especially that the fifth and sixth playoffs has been taken away and a quarter final win is a must to get more points.

Baber has eliminated Cakaubalavu from the Dubai team while Ratu is on standby.

I’m hopeful that Baber will get his first win in Dubai this weekend. After all, our win here dates back to 2015 when the Osea Kolinisau captained side beat England (28-19).

Our boys must view footage from our 2013 and 2015 wins and see how our boys captured the Dubai 7s titles then.

Surely, the footage is going to add strength to the energy levels.

All the best boys for the Dubai 7s!



Chong lane

Here is a million dollar question to our township administrators.

Why has Chong Lane, Nadi “disappeared” off the map of the township of Nadi?

Is history so short, we have forgotten a founding father of years gone by?

The little side road leading from Carpenters Hardware, MM Timbers and Mike & the Mechanics Garage onto Narewa Rd closest to Nadi District School, was in my own living memory, called Chong Lane.

Answers please Nadi Town Council and Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industries, with deserved respect of the late former Narewa resident, aircraft maintenance engineer with Pan American Airways, Qantas Airways and latterly, Air Terminal Services Engineering (I think, & stand to be corrected), including the then Chong Brother’s motor garage, Stanley Chong.

Have we all conveniently and sadly forgotten?

RONNIE CHANG Martintar, Nadi


Thank you

Thank you Mr Prime Minister for clearing the air (FT 5/12) on government assistance.

Yes many people expect it to be acted upon within a short span of time.

Speaking at the Tailevu Provincial Council meeting in Ucunivanua Village in Verata, Tailevu, the PM said Government had received numerous requests and development plans.

He said the issue was common for every place he visited.

Well Mr PM, how I see it, is that it started pre-elections.

The people got grants and assistance which my crowd simply call freebies. They expect it.

This is what happens when people are spoon fed, they sit back and wait.

But I’m glad you have cleared the air.



Measles vaccine

An issue I’d like to raise with relevant authorities is in regards to measles immunisation campaign.

I have seen elderly people being turned away from immunisation sites for the reason being not falling in categories as outlined by Ministry of Health.

How about if a taxi driver who doesn’t fall in the immunisation category takes a job where there has been measles outbreak?

Who would be held responsible if the driver gets in contact with the contagious disease?

There are places that public service drivers make trip daily which includes the measles outbreak areas.

I reckon all public service drivers should also be included in the immunization campaign as they are on risk of being highly exposed to outbreak areas.

It would be much appreciated if relevant authorities take heed of the above mentioned issues.

SHAMAL CHAND  Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori


Visa-free status

Our Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, while officiating at the launching of the first ePassport enrolment kit highlighted that Fiji would soon have a wider visa-free status and access around the world (FT:05/11).

Let’s hope it includes our closest neighbours New Zealand and Australia.

We are connected in so many ways particularly when it involves family and friends and if there are two countries that Fijians need visa-free access to first and foremost they are our big brothers down South where most of our families have moved.

All other countries are secondary!

SIMON HAZELMAN Rava Estate, Savusavu


Folau in the end

So, in the end, Israel Folau gets what I am told is $8 million.

Let me use Dan’s word, so much hoopla and Rugby Australia ends up paying.

Well Folau, you can carry on with your life. Would you play for the Flying Fijians if offered? Just saying.

ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka


Ole beats Jose

Former Red Devils boss Jose Mourinho did not get what he wanted at Old Trafford as Manchester United outclassed Tottenham Hotspur (2-1).

Ole proved better as he guided United to a sweet win!



Ash in the air

I cannot wait for the 12th when the Lautoka FSC mill ceases crushing.

No more bagasse ashes in the air that is being breathed in by nearby residents.

My mate Cameron can once again ride his motorbike to work. Instead of carrying it.

WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka


Which tablet

Based on what I have seen and heard, bro Allen, which tablet are you referring to, electronic device or the small medicinal disc?



The future

I believe all good things must come to an end.

DAN URAI Lautoka


Frequent flyer

So I see our Prime Minister is globe-trotting as usual.

I wonder if he would care to raffle off his frequent flyer points to raise funds for worthy causes.

As one Times’ correspondent points out about long term pensioners losing out badly to inflation, a raffle could benefit us.

I took a good pension in 2002, now after inflation and reforms, it is getting to junk status.



Night revellers

The issue of night revellers is similar to drugs.

It is related to a new experience which some take it a bit too far.

Night revelling, due to its craziness is becoming morning revelling.

If younger ones are given baked snacks and sweets, they will munch on for breakfast, lunch and dinner without complaint.

Adults will have a lot to say during eating time.

It arises from maturity and understanding that everything has an effect and there is such an existence called responsibility.

I believe those who like to party hard and become a nuisance for others lack maturity. With the blame falling on them, their parents should not be far off.

There are others who also drink and visit nightclubs.

It is their choice. The difference is, they have been taught well at home.


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