Letters to the Editor – December 8

Members of the public responded to the Tusnami warning in Suva today. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Tsunami warning

There was a certain irony in the fact that on the same day as a tsunami warning was issued in the Suva area as a practice measure, a genuine tsunami warning was issued internationally later that same day but to the best of my knowledge not broadcast to the public in low-lying areas of the coast. I received six notices within a short space of time that a magnitude 7.6 earthquake occurred near the Loyalty Islands at a shallow depth of only 10kms. This was accompanied with a tsunami warning for Fiji, from an international agency I subscribe to for alerts. I received no notice from the National Disaster Management Office though. Had a tsunami eventuated many lives would have been at risk along the coasts at sea level, without a plan to alert and evacuate these areas. It’s not just people in Suva who could be swept away. A text message on Vodafone or Digicel, along with an alert on radio and television could save thousands of lives. Thankfully, this time we got away with it. Vivien Counsell Mitchell Serua

Per diems

As of today (8/12), after just a week as our Prime Minister, he has been gone from Fiji for 11 days. So if his per diem was $3000 per day, he would have earned himself $33,000 in per diems alone. He is supposed to be away for 18 days. So he returns with a wallet full of perhaps $54,000 in per diems alone. So in the year that was 2018, he had been away for approximately 100 days, if his per diem was $3000 per day, that would be $300,000. I love the politics of per diems, it shows the enormous wealth and prosperity enjoyed by every Fijian (or our dreamers). I can’t wait for the Prime Minister to get back, I have a few fundraising tickets to sell to him. Peter Waqavonovono Suva

Merry Christmas

While preparing for Christmas celebrations let’s take out some time now to carefully plan ahead, setting our budgets to buy presents well before Christmas Eve rush. Let’s also plan and prepare ahead of parties and dinners with safety care with our loved ones. Christmas is supposed to be a kind of joy but can also be stressful and expensive if celebrations go out of control. I believe the spirit of Christmas isn’t really about presents and Christmas parties, it’s really about our presence. Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Tahir Ali New Zealand

Wage review

Recent revelations that Government will commence a review of the hourly wage rates is definitely good news, especially for average income earners trying to make ends meet on a daily basis. This appears to be a common topic among lots of people of all walks of life and some are struggling. One looks forward to the process and outcome of this review. More importantly, when this is likely to take effect. Meanwhile, one is encouraged to budget carefully by prioritising use of funds. With the festive season happening and back to school around the corner, one can expect parents and guardians to carefully budget their income. Floyd Robinson Toorak, Suva

Gecko story

The gecko story in your “Flotsam and Jetsam” column gave us a laugh indeed. Been told there are some serious happenings at Kava Place also. Apparently an abandoned broken wheelchair sitting in the compound there gathers the stray dogs at times for a howl. Especially when the moon is peeking. Vu-Vu. Correct me if I am off the mark uncle. MANOJ LAL PATEL Drasa Ave, Lautoka

North roadworks

I am thankful to this Government and FRA for the above work. It’s indeed very much welcomed by the travelling public. Just one request if these work can be executed during the night please. Not during peak hours. I am sure everyone in the queue loses 30 minutes every day. Time is very precious. A SHARIFF SHAH Savusavu

Power goes out

Sobo, one thunderbolt and power goes out. On 6/12 power went out again. Can’t the powerlines absorb the power surge? I have put in power surge mechanisms to protect my electrical appliances. Is this to be the norm, plus the planned power cuts? Nigel, kere generator. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Bus stand

Could the new minister for town and city councils come and inspect the Labasa Bus Stand and see for herself how small the actual bus shelter is. It is also the smallest in Fiji. I hope you can at least make a better bus shelter than what we have. Please note I hardly travel by buses but I am writing this letter for the thousands of people who use this bus station and breathe the noxious diesel fumes daily. Sukha Singh

Muir, the real hero

FORMER Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) coaching director, Stallion’s technical adviser and Frenchman Franck Boivert was apt in his writing when he paid tribute to FRU scrum coach Alan Muir. I commend The Fiji Times for publishing the wonderful article (F/T 30/11), which highlighted the crucial role Muir played in developing our front three and working hard to build our scrums to compete against tier one nations. Boivert also mentioned that the real hero for Fiji rugby against France was Alan Muir. He was confident enough in saying that without Alan Fiji would never have beaten the Les Bleus and climb to the 8th spot on the world ranking. I quote Boivert’s words “With his hard work since 2013, Alan has built for Fiji, solid scrums for all the national sides and now finally our players can show the world they may be the best in the world and can beat the best in the world. No scrum, no win is the motto for all coaches and as long as you have a strong scrum as a platform you can then put in place the game plan of your choice.” No dispute but props are the most valuable players on a team and this is why European giants and the likes of All Blacks, Argentina and the Springboks invest so much funding and resources in moulding their props. I remember the 90s when our scrums were belted by the opposition but Kiwi Brad Johnstone did well leading our side to the ’99 RWC. Furthermore, I believe that if Fiji stands a chance to qualify from our group including the likes of Australia, Wales, Georgia and Uruguay, who have versatile and bulky forwards, then we must support Alan Muir and assist him with all the expertise and support so that he is able to nurture our scrums and make them steady. Finally, a big vinaka vakalevu to Franck Boivert for his insights and I’d love to see him recruited into our 15s coaching panel. Thank you for your dedication Boivert in developing Fiji rugby and for reminding us how much we owe Alan Muir for his commitment! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Mark my word

WE know how a Fijian feels like in the battle field. We also know that ‘giving up’ is not in their DNA, so please don’t count the boys out yet. They will surely surprise us all this weekend. Mark my word! Joeli Naleca Natabua, Lautoka

Traffic lights

IT is frustrating for motorists and also passengers getting caught up in traffic because of different switches of the traffic lights. There are places where some traffic lights are not far apart yet their timings are not in sequence to help the flow of traffic. I believe this shows the absence of system knowledge and working experience on the department responsible for handling the planning of traffic lights. I plead with the responsible authority to send accustomed staff to adjust the traffic lights that are not far apart to assist the flow of traffic. AREKI DAWAI Suva

Kava grant

Let’s hope Dr. Aporosa’s research to investigate the effects of kava on driving and cognitive performance (FT 23/11) will finally end the kava debate. There is a lot of difference between abuse and traditional valuable use of kava. Congratulations! Dr. Aporosa on your award winning grant of $US190,000 ($F401,000) from New Zealand Health Research Council. Tahir Ali New Zealand

On to Cape Town

With the first leg done and dusted Fiji should be more in line to prove our fitness as well as our awareness of what is expected of the lads who picked up the pace after going down to USA in the quarter-finals last week. With that said, many fans are surely praying for a better outing this week in Cape Town where most of the other teams are gunning for a win too. We have faith our gladiators are up to the task and wish them the best in all their games. Our prayers are for you all. Keep up the good work. Toso Viti toso. Richard M. Abel Samabula, Suva

2-man rule

That regular contributor who supports the notion of a one or two-man rule in a democratic Fiji should probably consider moving to politically repressive totalitarian states such as North Korea and China. I believe such restrictive and authoritative approach is synonymous in dictatorship lands and not in Savusavu or any other part of Fiji. Nishant Singh Lautoka

Fiji soccer

It made me sad to read that Fiji football has dropped two spots in the world ranking (Fiji men’s football ranked 169th FT 06/12 ). Sad because given the talent Fiji soccer should have a far better ranking. Why do we have such a poor ranking? Has there been any external assessment? Or, is it just the usual navel gazing kind? Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Pay and work

While having a talanoa session at home, one of the guys said, “Don’t let your pay dictate how you perform at work.” If only nah! Allen Lockington Kava Place Waiyavi, Lautoka

Roy Krishna

I would like to know if Roy Krishna the soccer player from Labasa was granted a New Zealand citizenship or he had applied for it? Sukha Singh Labasa

Media victims

Selected individuals continue to be victims of headlines by certain media outlets. They are continuously ridiculed and shredded to pieces. One needs to ask why is there so much focus on the negatives, man? Aren’t there much more important things to talk about? Oilei! Joeli Naleca Natabua, Lautoka

Kava Place

Well! Kava Place finally has kava, only problem is no one home, so I guess that equates to no kava place. Nigel Fiu Owls Perch, Lautoka

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