Letters to the Editor – December 3

Second day, 1 December, Dubai Sevens 2018 at The Sevens for HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2018, Dubai - UAE - Photos Martin Seras Lima

Dubai 7s dilemma

Some things just need to be addressed. In the Dubai 7s cup quarterfinal match against USA, our shameful indiscipline cost us dearly. How does any coach teach mental discipline? Our discipline while on defence also let us down badly. For the fifth place playoff, shameful indiscipline again reared its ugly head resulting in a downright disgusting red card. These grossly irresponsible actions must be corrected immediately. Sa rua na madua lutusobu dina. Au sa druka saraga. RONNIE CHANG, Nadi

147 votes

This matter was raised in Parliament by both sides of the House. I got interested and decided to find out where this figure came from. Finally I got the answer. The FijiFirst party collected 227,241 votes. Those who voted for other parties are as follows: a) SODELPA – 181,072; b) NFP – 33,515; c) Unity Fiji – 6896; d) HOPE – 2811; and, e) Labour – 2800. Total – 22,7094. When you subtract 227,094 from 227,241 you get 147. VIJAY MAHARAJ Navua

iTaukei language

What a dilemma that the iTaukei language is not allowed in Parliament. Could it be that the speakers of this language are being denied a right? This defeats the fact that we are all called Fijians. Is there a supreme power that lurks within the confines of government that is pulling the strings of the people who are supposed to be making decisions? Might as well not pray in Parliament. What is their agenda, is it to dilute the iTaukei people’s heritage? I wonder why this is happening? Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Unified call

I believe there is a unified call from the people of Fiji for all the parliamentarians elected to begin showing respect for each other and more so for their “employer” – the people of Fiji! That’s right – the people of Fiji are your employer Mr, Mrs, Ms and Miss Parliamentarians. You have been chosen for a time such as this to use all of the skills, intelligence and flair you possess to make good not only on your election promises, but your oath of allegiance. There are parliaments and parliamentarians all over the world. And just because certain parliamentarians overseas behave with such disrespect and disgust towards each other, you don’t have to follow suit. No matter the size of this country, its GDP or any other reason pointing to the insignificance of the country on the world stage, Fiji is a key player. Why you may ask? Simply because of a prophecy given many years ago. When you have a moment to ponder this mind-blowing prophetic message in your quiet time, you may begin understanding, appreciating, embracing and living in the power and magnitude of the breadth and depth of the revelation contained in this profoundly simple message. It will bring humility and sobriety not only to your debates but it will inspire your entire life in serving and maintaining a modicum of decorum and decency because of what and who you are to the rest of the world! It’s already happening and heralding a time in the near future when the light will shine even brighter on this awesome nation! “Fiji – the way the world should be! “For the Lord God does nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the Prophets!” (Amos 3:7) Colin Deoki Australia

Sharing the festive joy

The stories in this week’s The Fiji Times about children receiving gifts aroused emotions and brought tears. I read with great interest how Unaisi Radinibeqa shared her joy when her wish was granted and she received a pink dress, an iPad, books, dolls and other toys. I read with great interest how 10-year-old Matacaucau villager Akariva Kilaiwekana, who has been diagnosed with leukemia, got his wish granted when he received a television set and would now watch the WRSS at his comfort. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Make-A-Wish founder Gilli Sinclair for assisting about 15 thousand children diagnosed with cancer over the past few years. Thank you so much for bringing a smile on the faces of our children admitted at CWMH. The exchange of gifts has added joy to the festive season as we welcome December! Trust me this year’s Christmas will be blessed if we would be able to help a needy child or a needy family! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Social media abuse

In his speech, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum included details of social media abuse and attacks against himself and his family members. His address became so emotional that tears could not be held back. Although the old measures of chants, pickets and signed petitions are still around, social media has become a popular platform for individuals to air their views. The sad part is that it is a medium most used by cowardice elements in our society. These cowards target specific individuals and organisations through various modes such as Facebook by creating fake accounts. It does not matter how well we perform, how much people love us and how good our public relations are. From a king to a beggar, we all get exposed to some kind of abuse in our lives. Humanitarian and aid workers are not spared either. They even get attacked physically. This is the level of hypocrisy we have to endure. We just have to learn to accept the fact that it is the only way some people know of contributing to matters. The only way these malicious and acts of cowards will get to us is if we allow them to affect our thinking and behaviour. “A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him and the best reply to unseemly behaviour is patience and moderation,” Moliere. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Sex Offenders Bill

So a Bill to address sex offences, we are heading in the right direction. I have just one suggestion. That is have sex offenders registered on a website and we the public can have access to it. We will then know if a sex offender has moved into our area, and we take precautions. We can discuss the pros and cons of this. If someone says it’s too sensitive to have a site that the public can have access to, then shelve the Bill. If we are serious about sex offences then let’s take my suggestion on board. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Sevens tournament

Better luck in the next tournament. Dan Urai Lautoka

Tough luck

Hard luck lads. USA better on the day. Chin up, chest out. Trust yourselves and Him to carry you through the season to glory. Toso Viti. Manoj Lal Patel Drasa Ave, Lautoka

New Bill

We welcome the Sex Offenders Bill and hope the public will be involved in terms of awareness. I also hope it will not violate privacy rights Amenatave Yaconisau Palm Drive, Delainavesi

On being proud

I am immensely proud of all young Australian students who took to the streets to demand that politicians stop acting like an ostrich, pull their heads out of the sand and take action on climate change with the urgency and commitment of this most catastrophic problem confronting our only living habitat planet Earth requires. With such politically conscientious students there might still be hope for a paradigm change and with it the survival of the human race which is otherwise doomed because of its failure to act! Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Family and politics

Take as much as you give and never drag your family into your politics emotional or otherwise. Dan Urai Lautoka

Soccer highlights

Watched the highlights of the Ba vs Lautoka CVC match online. Now became ‘nee ow’ and score became ‘is core’. Pint sized became ‘pin size’. What the fruit? I mean, what the effruit? Oh the commentary. Nevertheless, Ba toh Ba na! Manoj Lal Patel Drasa Avenue, Lautoka

About dresses

First it was Rosy Akbar and now Lynda Tabuya. Can you all leave the women alone please. Talk about how we will clear all the waterways to prevent floods. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Hair salon

The Parliament secretary has a hard cover book recording details of all parliamentarians contacts etc. For the interest of many outside ladies could she provide address of this classy hair salon Lynda Tabuya is a customer of. Joe Smith Pacific Harbour, Deuba




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