Kiribati tourism office promotes sustainable tourism in schools

TARAWA, 09 OCTOBER 2018 (RADIO KIRIBATI) – Tourism officers from the Kiribati National Tourism Office (KNTO) have visited schools, targeting Class 6 at the Primary Level, Form 3 at the Junior Secondary Level and Form 6 and 7 at the Senior Secondary Level, on South Tarawa and Betio, to provide awareness on the importance of tourism nationwide.

The official ‘Te Kaongora’ newsletter from KNTO says the aim of the programme is to share to everyone, especially the young generation how sustainable tourism development can positively contribute to lives of people and the Kiribati economy at large.

Since tourism is now considered as one of the priorities for government revenue generation, the KNTO is doing its part by getting the message out through these awareness programs and road shows.

KNTO wants the program to continue from time to time not only to students, but also to the general public. In doing so, the younger generation and the public will understand tourism more and know what to do to promote and support the development of sustainable tourism in Kiribati.

The program will be very beneficial in achieving the Kiribati Vision in 20 years with regards to achieving growth in terms of GDP through increasing awareness of the economic benefits of sustainable tourism.

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