Installation of Manatua cable for Niue gets underway

Picture: TVNIUE

ALOFI, 06 DECEMBER 2019 (TV NIUE) — The first immediate benefit of the Manatua cable for Niue’s population will be faster internet while for affordability, there will be a gradual decrease in price for consumers as more people use the service.

This is according to the MFAT Project Manager Paul Seaden who is working with stakeholders on the installation of the manatua cable.

After much anticipation, the MS Reliance the ship carrying the Manatua cable began their work of bringing the cable on land at Lalotoa in Makefu on Monday this week.

The project started three years ago, is being supported by a NZ$7 million funding from the NZ Government. It will connect four Pacific countries, Samoa, Niue, Cook Islands and French Polynesia.

While the installation gets underway during this cyclone season, the MFAT project manager says submarine cables are resilient to weather systems.

The Manatua is expected to come on live and be commissioned for public use in June next year.

“You can expect to see the kind of performance you would see in New Zealand. It’s that kind of performance increase that you’ll get from the Manatua cable immediately but when it comes to the affordability aspect, I think it’s probably worth talking a bit about this because it’s not necessarily an immediate decrease in internet price that you see in countries. What actually happens is that it’s a gradual decrease overtime because the operators have to price in the increased use that comes from a cable system, said Seaden.

Telecom Niue will determine the costing of internet services.

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