Immigration newbies urged to perform duties with honesty and integrity

Part of the 28 new staff members of the Department of Immigration at the induction workshop. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJIAN GOVT

HONESTY and integrity are two moral characters that shaped people to become better in every area of their lives.

Permanent Secretary for the Office of the Prime Minister, Sugar Industry and Immigration and also acting Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Yogesh Karan highlighted this while officiating at a recent two- day induction workshop for the Department of Immigration.

Mr Karan urged 28 new staff members of the Department to perform their duties with honesty and integrity for the benefit of the organisation and the public at large.

“Working in this dynamic organisation requires you to work with honesty and integrity.  Some of you might be enticed to engage in corrupt practices and bribery but you should have personal discipline to be able to carry out your work diligently,” Mr Karan said.

“Any form of corruption within this organisation will not be condoned. Don’t be easily swayed and don’t risk your jobs by engaging in fraudulent activities,” he said.

“If you think of doing such things, you will one day be caught and dealt with accordingly. I’m urging you all to familiarise yourselves with the internal policies and laws to better understand your work.

“In addition, update yourselves with what’s happening around you. Listen and read local and international news and current affairs as all these news items will broaden your knowledge.”

The workshop is aimed at informing the new staff of the organisation’s values, direction and expectations, and also to clarify the duties and work requirements of the new role which will allow them to better integrate into the workplace.

Mr Karan said the quality of service provided by the staff members should shape the perception of the customers towards the organisation.




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