HMNZS Otago docks in Suva to refuel ahead of food security ops

NZ Defence Adviser to Fiji, Lt-Col Josh Wineera (left) and Navy Commanding Officer Savenaca Tokalauvere at the Port of Suva, to welcome the HMNZS Otago. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

The HMNZS Otago – a protector-class offshore patrol vessel – docked at the Port of Suva this morning to refuel before commencing on its food security operations in Fiji.

No naval personnel was allowed to disembark off the vessel while it docked as the ship closely observed Fiji’s health protocols because of COVID-19.

New Zealand Defence adviser Lieutenant Colonel Josh Wineera said after refueling, the HMNZS Otago would join a Republic of Fiji Navy vessel on conducting its food security operations.

He said the ship with its crew had been conducting joint patrols in Fiji and it was to enforce fishing regulations and combat illegal unreported and unregulated fishing boats on Fiji’s waters.

The vessel will leave port this afternoon.


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