Hinduism is a secular and tolerant religion, says Koya

Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport Faiyaz Koya (fi fth from left) at the Ram Naumi celebrations in Muanikoso Housing, Nasinu. Picture: SUPPLIED

HINDUISM is a religion based on universality, it’s a value system, more than just a faith or religion one follows, says Commerce, Trade and Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya.

He made the comment while speaking during a Ram Naumi celebration at the home of Arun Lal at Vatucina Rd, Muanikoso Housing, Nasinu.

“Hinduism is a secular and tolerant religion and followers of the religion world over have evolved and co-existed with many other religions,” Mr Koya said.

“As we gather to celebrate the beginning of Ram Naumi, our Sikh brothers and sisters are celebrating Baisakhi today (Tuesday), marking the Sikh New Year – a celebration of the formation of Khalsa Panth, a time for farmers to thank God for an abundant harvest – a symbol of prosperity.

“Similarly, for our Islam brothers and sisters, tomorrow (yesterday) marks the beginning of Ramadan, a time for fasting, reflection and contemplation.”

Mr Koya said religious liberty, as recognised in the Bill of Rights, was a founding principle of the Fijian Constitution. |

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