Head chef jailed to 12 years for raping trainee chef

RAPE is one of the most humiliating and distressing crimes, says High Court judge Justice Thushara Rajasinghe.

He said it not only violated the physical self of a person, but also destroyed the personal dignity and self-autonomy of a person.

He made the comments while sentencing the head chef of a resort to 12 years imprisonment for the rape of a trainee chef who worked under his supervision.

The court heard that during the offending time, the accused had taken the complainant to a party and forced her to drink beer that was mixed with whiskey.

Once the complainant was drunk and lost her consciousness, the accused took the complainant to his official quarters and raped her.

“You have breached the trust that the complainant had in you as the head chef by committing the offence,” Justice Rajasinghe said.

“Actually, you have abused your position and her vulnerability as a trainee chef who worked under you by forcing her to drink beer mixed with whiskey and then raping her in a disgraceful manner.

“By committing this crime, you have completely shattered and destroyed her future where she could have become a chef in the hotel industry.”

In considering the 21 days already spent by the accused in custody, one month was deducted as a period of imprisonment already served.

He now has to serve 11 years and 11 months imprisonment.

He will be eligible for parole after serving nine years and 11 months behind bars.

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