Golden Age Home begin elderly care awareness program

Senior citizens at Samabula. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE Golden Age Home in Samabula have begun awareness programs for schools on the importance of care for the elderly.

Home staff Elena Cagibula said there were 58 senior citizens residing at the home.

“We are focusing on them and the importance of the elderly being part and partial of everyone’s upbringing,” Ms Cagibula said.

Benina Ciriavesi, 102, is the oldest senior citizen living in the home.

In an interview with The Fiji Times, Ms Ciriavesi said she always enjoyed having people over to visit the home.

“Everyone here knows that I am a very happy woman. I have enjoyed this day so much just hearing the music and seeing people laugh has made me really happy,” she said.

The Golden Age Home had its open day today with a few schools from around the Suva area visiting the home and providing entertainment for the elderly.

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