Fiji surfers target Olympics

The Surfing Fiji team at the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games in Miyazaki, Japan. Picture: SUPPLIED

Surfing Fiji coach Ian Portingale has highlighted that the focus is still on the Olympics as team Fiji puts on a brave performance as Fiji improves its ranking at the ISA World Surfng Games in Japan.

“The Fijian Open team improved their international ranking from 34th out of 44 down to 28th out of 55,” Portingale said.

“The ISA World Surfing games are down to the final heats with world championship tour surfers putting on a master class of surfing. Kelly Slater and Gabriel Medina consistently scored rides in the excellent range despite the typhoon affected 3 metre surfs.

“Tomorrow the final four heats will conclude the event with the crowning of the World Champion,” Portingale said

Fijian surfers watched in awe as the best surfers made the stormy waves look good.

“This is excellent as we focus on Olympic selection.”

Open team members Api Tibinaliva, Kalani Wakeham and Kayla Wakeham will now join the rest of the Fijian junior team as they prepare for the World Junior Titles in California, USA, next month.

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