Father’s plea to take son home

Yun Zae Lee, 53, a former Grace Road worker during an interview wih this newspaper in Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA/FILE

IN August last year, former Grace Road Church, member Yunzae Lee came to Fiji to try and convince his son to return home with him.

Mr Lee’s son, Jeongwon Lee is based at the Grace Road Group’s farm at Navua working in its agriculture division.

The 53-year-old shared his story with The Fiji Times and made a desperate plea to take his son back to South Korea.

“Hey Son, this is not a place your dreams will come true. Just come back soon to Korea as soon as possible.”

However, in an interview with The Fiji Times at the Grace Road base in Navua, Jeongwon said he would stay in Fiji for as long as he could, and does not intend to join his father in Korea.

He said he would rather live according to the biblical teachings here in Fiji instead of returning to join his family.

“I would like my father to come back to Fiji and live with me, instead of me going back to Korea,” Jeongwon said.

“Without the Word of God, I would have never come here.”

  • Sourced from The Fiji Times September 23, 2018

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