Family forego Xmas to prepare son for school

Mere Roden with her son Gideon at their residence in Vatuwaqa. Picture: RAMA

“I CAN’T believe how much it costs to send our children to school these days,” says Mere Rodan.

The 2016 Sportswoman of the Year, Spinal Injury Association executive, Paralympian and 2017 Pacific Mini Games gold medallist has faced huge challenges in life.

But as a mother of six and a grandmother, she said the increase in stationery, uniforms and shoe prices were one of her biggest challenges yet.

“We did not celebrate Christmas because I have a son who is preparing to go to Year 11 and my husband and I were saving towards that,” she said.

“The costs keep going up and it’s not in-line with what people are earning.

“I know we are not paying school fees and bus fare, but when you factor in the cost of the other things we need to buy to send our kids to school, we are paying a lot.

“And then there is the cost of food, it keeps going up as well.

“But I thank God because he always provides.

“We are lucky because I work for the Spinal Injury Association and my husband works for an engineering firm.

“But I really feel for single-income earning families and I truly wonder how they are preparing their kids for school.”

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