EU works with close partners

THE European Union (EU) is working with its close partners – the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – in supporting a major Access to Justice program in Fiji.

This is expected to strengthen the rule of law and the institutions that safeguard democracy.

Delegation of the European Union(EU) for the Pacific, Press and Information Officer Nazeem Kasim said: “In this context, we are proud to have supported, with Australia, Japan, and New Zealand, and again through the UNDP, a programme designed to contribute to the enhancement of governance systems in Fiji, with a particular focus on facilitation of better access to justice for all citizens.”

“We are also working with a range of civil society organisations helping them to provide more effective services, to promote human rights, and to empower women.”

He also highlighted that through the European Development Fund reserve, the EU supported Fiji’s recovery efforts following Tropical Cyclone Winston, which was worth F$29million.

He added through the EDF reserve, they were are also working with the Food and Agriculture Organisation and Adventist Development and Relief Agency Germany to support to address the impact of drought on rural communities, particularly related to food insecurity, which was worth F$12m.


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