Editorial comment – Going back to school

Ilimua Matadigo- a participant of the Rugby Academy Fiji Milo Holiday clinic and tag rugby festival on attack at Albert Park, Suva yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

SOMETIMES we just have to pre-empt some things in life.

As we count down to the start of our final school term for the year, we take this time to raise a few reminders.

Term Three is the business end of the school year, and is important for exam classes and forms.

This is when our major exams are scheduled.

This is when students knuckle down for major exams, and start winding down the year, and preparing for advancement to a higher class.

At this time in 2017, the then Ministry of Education permanent secretary Ioane Tiko urged students to be on their best behaviour so that “teachers do not waste their time by disciplining them in the classrooms”.

Mr Tiko said the ministry also expected students to be at their best in terms of behaviour and attitude outside and inside the classroom.

His message was apt then as it is now.

A couple of things will happen next week.

The traffic congestion issue isn’t going away any time soon.

It’s part and parcel of the school terms.

We can only hope that people will be considerate while on our many roads around the country.

In the face of emotional responses and episodes, perhaps we should adhere to rules that govern road usage.

To our students, we hope the start of another school term brings with it good things.

As we head out to our various destinations today, to prepare for another stint in classes, and at work when the new week starts, we can all cut back on frustration and anger by doing a couple of things.

We could perhaps consider the fact that there are thousands of other parents and guardians, and people commuting to work who are affected by traffic congestion just like us.

Let’s keep a watch out for our law enforcers on the road and allow them to do their job of guiding us safely through the traffic jams.

The State has focused on education, emphasising the need for our children to get a good education.

Our challenge is preparing them for the new school term, embracing the need for enthusiasm and nurturing a habit that anticipates a return to the classroom.

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