Editorial comment – Go Fiji, go

The Fiji 7s team during their jersey presentation in Japan. Picture: FIJI RUGBY

It wasn’t the start we wanted. It wasn’t anywhere near the form we expected. When push came to shove though, we toppled Japan and Canada where it mattered, on the scoreboard.

That 24-19 win over Japan was a nail-biter though. It was frustrating, and frightening to say the least.

In the end though, we delivered, and that mattered.

On the field, we appeared to be on the slow boat to Japan.

One wondered whether the circumstances had anything to do with that, and whether the empty stadium was a catalyst that was actually restrictive in a way.

In an event of this magnitude, composure matters.

With thousands of eyeballs on our form, it matters that we must be focused.

The important factor for us now is controlling what we can, and finding the urgency and intensity early to make a difference.

National coach Gareth Baber has chosen what he believes is the best we have to offer in terms of quality players.

We are now at the tail end of a wait that culminated with gold in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2016.

Whatever the results today, fans should be in for some exciting 7s action at the Olympic Games stage.

Let’s face it, 7s rugby unites Fijians.

Whatever anyone says about the abbreviated version of the sport, it is like a bridge that connects Fijians, and cuts across every imaginary demarcation line, from gender, age, to ethnicity and religion. 7s rugby is a catalyst that brings people together, to cheer as one nation, one people.

Perhaps we can translate this unified approach to fight the war we are staring at right now.

Let’s step aside a moment here, and reflect on the frightening numbers we have in terms of COVID-19 cases.

It is a major concern. It is frightening and reflects poorly on us all.

As we continue to look up to the powers that be to make tough calls, we find ourselves in a position where we really must take ownership of this issue, and do what we can to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our nation.

We cannot just sit back and hope something is done soon. The numbers are getting out of hand. We may wonder whether our health system is able to handle the rising numbers.

We just have to be part of the fight and flatten the curve.

Please be proactive, be sensible, be vocal, assertive and stay safe. Remind your loved ones to adhere to COVID-safe protocols. Listen to expert health advice. Watch what you touch when out in public, and stay safe on public transport.

We look up to the national 7s team in Japan for some hope and inspiration. And we also must look deep within ourselves to do what must be done to fight this war against the pandemic. Hope can inspire a nation! Go Fiji, go.

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