Editorial comment – Fire safety advice

A bystander looks at the house where two children and four adults escaped without any injuries after a fire engulfed their three-bedroom home at Tamani lane in Milverton Road, Suva, on Wednesday. Picture: RAMA

THE revelation that two children and four adults escaped with their lives after a fire engulfed their three-bedroom home along Tamani Lane off Milverton Rd, Suva, on Wednesday will attract attention.

The National Fire Authority confirmed the occupants were asleep at the time of the incident.

At 8.02am, it confirmed, the Suva Fire Station was alerted about a house fire and responded immediately.

Upon arrival at the scene, it said, the fire crew saw a three-bedroom single concrete house on fire.

Firefighters contained the fire and stopped it from spreading to other nearby homes.

“There were no casualties as the occupants managed to quickly evacuate the house with the help of their neighbours,” it stated.

Apparently neighbours saw smoke coming out of the house and rushed to help rescue the family.

As investigations continue to determine the cause of the fire, we are reminded about safety issues.

The topic could be on road safety, water safety or fire safety.

Accidents happen because we allow them to.

Accidents, however, can be prevented.

It means we have to be proactive, and vigilant.

It means being aware, and understanding fire safety tips.

It means keeping abreast of developments in terms of safety concerns in various spheres of our lives.

Police have always urged homeowners to be vigilant.

Following structural fires early in June in the Western Division, Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro called on families to be vigilant.

We keep saying people should be proactive and vigilant.

We say this every time a fire destroys a home.

We are emotional when deaths occur.

That’s when we raise the issue of fire safety.

We should embrace fire safety.

We must rise above complacency and be catalysts for change.

Let’s discuss this issue.

Let’s address it at all levels of society.

Let’s pay attention to safety issues.

Let’s make this a topic of discussion, let’s learn to appreciate and value this.

We must pay attention to detail and do the little things that aid in fire safety.

We have to get rid of complacency and learn to appreciate fire safety tips.

We should be doing this for the sake of our loved ones and for ourselves.

Let’s be aware of danger spots, from cooking areas, where we keep mosquito coils, to how we use electrical appliances to name a few.

Let’s be mindful of electrical wiring in our homes, and get qualified electricians involved.

Be aware of contingency plans in the face of disaster.

Let’s work out escape routes and what to do when there is a fire.

Every member of the home should be aware, and alert.

Let’s stay safe and embrace fire safety tips.

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