Driving from the border

Narkish Chand, a taxidriver in Suva, has turned to driving his taxi from the Sawani border in Naitasiri to support his family.

The 57-year-old said after spending two weeks at home because of containment areas, he decided to drive from the Sawani border.

“I live in the Nausori containment zone with my family so I couldn’t go to drive taxi from my base which is in Suva,” he said.

“The income from the taxi was the only way for me to feed my family and for the past two weeks I have been staying at home because I couldn’t drive from another base in Nausori.”

Mr Chand said he was stressed by not being allowed to do what he did for more than 10 years.

“I have been driving taxi for over 10 years and that’s the only trade I can earn money through.

“I like to drive and provide my family with whatever they need so I decided to drive from the border as there are many people coming to exchange their things and going to their homes.”

He said looking for an alternative way to feed his family was the only and best option during the present pandemic.

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