Drinking water makes skin glow

Bridget Middenway-Blumel tells her children: “We are like that beautiful rose plant — if you water your plant, it will blossom into beautiful bright flowers but if you don’t, your rose plant will wither, dry and eventually die.”

Like our body, she adds if you drink a lot of water daily, you would notice the beautiful glow in your skin and hair but if you ignore your water intake, you will notice how fast your skin will age.

It will turn dry and you will quickly feel how lifeless your hair will become.

In light of the rise in NCDs, the manager marketing & events for Fiji Red Cross Society encourages people to drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

Mrs Blumel has maternal links to Savusavu and paternal links to Ra. She is married and has four children, Erika, Evander, Renate and Tenzin.

Her previous line of work included being a scuba dive master in Kadavu for many years, special events manager for a Swiss company based in Suva and a real estate consultant in Suva.

She has been engaged in charity work since her younger days and takes the spotlight as this week’s shopper.

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