Donor list – Businessman seeks FijiFirst details from Saneem

Labasa businessman Charan Jeath Singh. Picture: SUPPLIED/FACEBOOK

Labasa businessman Charan Jeath Singh has written to Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem and asked for details of FijiFirst party donors.

In an email sent yesterday, Mr Singh asked Mr Saneem to provide a list of donors of the FijiFirst party and the “amount that they have donated from 1st January, 2014 till date”.

Mr Singh asked that he be advised once the documents were ready so he could arrange pick-up and payment of photocopies.

In response, Mr Saneem said the information requested would be facilitated by one Mesake Dawai and he would be in touch to organise pick-up of the requested documents.

When contacted last night on why he made the request, Mr Singh did not reveal too much except to say: “If it’s a transparent office, we should be able to ask anything we want.”

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