Disqualified provisional candidate to lead party’s youth wing

Disqualified FijiFirst provisional candidate Naziah Ali, right, with husband and Fijian football star Roy Krishna during a FijiFirst party event. Ms Ali will continue work for the ruling party as its youth wing leader. Picture: NAZIAH ALI/Twitter

DISQUALIFIED FijiFirst provisional candidate Naziah Ali says she is disappointed that she will not be contesting the 2018 General Election.

But she has expressed her continuous support to the ruling party as its youth wing leader.

Ms Ali’s disqualification was made known at the FijiFirst family fun day in Tavua on Friday.

In an interview with Fiji Times Online, Ms Ali said she “missed out” because she was not in the country for more than 18 months within the past two years.

“I’m disappointed that I was disqualified but I accept it because the law needs to be upheld,” she said.

She said one of the requirements to be a candidate was to be ordinarily a resident in Fiji for at least two years (18 months out of the 24 months) immediately before being nominated.

Ms Ali said while she does not have residency in another country, her business got her out of the country often.

The Fijian journalist is the publisher of MaiLife magazine and inflight magazine, FijiTime.

She said it was unfortunate for her, but it doesn’t mean that she will stop supporting the party as she believed in what the party was doing and wants to ensure that they win the election.

She further said as the leader of the party’s youth wing, she hoped to see more young people in the Fijian parliament in future.

She believes that the active involvement of young people will help carry the party policies which will help improve the nation.

“The FijiFirst party by empowering a younger, more progressive voice ensures an inclusive style of leadership on issues that the current government champions from tackling climate change, to modernising government, to education and bus fare funding and so on,” said Ms Ali.

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