Dilkusha Home children reintegrated with their families

Bundle of joy...Mereoni Roko with the youngest residents of Dilkusha Home twins Ayan (left) and Ryan during the Dilkusha week celebration at home. Picture: RAMA

ELEVEN children who were under the care of the Dilkusha Home were reintegrated with their families last year, says the home’s superintendent Deaconess Sala Kacivakawalu.

Deaconess Kacivakawalu said there was only one adoption of a four-month-old baby.

“The children who we are looking after now, we do not know whether their families will reconcile or not,” she said.

“Last week one baby was adopted. She came into the home when she was a few days old, very beautiful baby girl, now she’s four months and she has been adopted by a family.”

Deaconess Kacivakawalu also extended her appreciation to the community, the church, overseas donors, partners overseas and families who have supported the home until this day.

“If there is one thing these children desperately need, it’s moral support so we encourage visitors to come and spend time with them so that they know that there is someone who has time to sit and listen to them.”

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