COVID-19: 1163 new cases, 11-month-old among six deaths reported

Ministry of Health PS Dr James Fong. Picture: FT FILE

Ministry of Health and Medical Services Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong this evening reported 1163 new cases of COVID-19 in the 24-hour period ending at 8am today.

Dr Fong also announced six new deaths which includes a 11-month-old infant.

He added that earlier this week, another front-liner, who wasn’t vaccinated succumbed to COVID-19.

“This is another frontliner colleague we knew and loved and our sympathies are extended to their families and to all families who have lost a loved one. She was not vaccinated. In line with government policy, she was on leave at the time she became infected,” he said.

“As previously announced we have set our personal protective equipment (PPE) distribution program to ensure that the large stocks we have are always readily available to all health care workers at the frontline, especially those who work in Critical Care Units and Emergency Departments”

“By ensuring that our Health Care workers are fully vaccinated, well trained in PPE use and are diligent in helping each other to maintain PPE discipline in the workplace, we will be able to maintain health worker numbers in all our health facilities. To date nobody has died in Fiji from COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated, we know that this is the very best protection we can provide for our colleagues.”



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