Court tells Bulewa to live a proper life

A MAN charged with aggravated robbery and theft was today sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Of this, the court ordered that Timoci Bulewa serve three months in prison and the remaining 21 months suspended for three years.

Suva High Court judge Justice Vinsent Perera Justice Perera said because Bulewa had been in remand for three months, he considered that as time already served and had him released.

He told Bulewa to live a proper life and to stay out of trouble.

Bulewa had pleaded guilty to both counts.

While delivering his sentence, Justice Perera said the co-accused was the complainant’s son who had entered the house and taken the TV valued at $450 out of the house and gave it to Bulewa to take to the roadside.

The court heard the TV was later recovered.

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