Conservation is a necessity: Ashna

Hibiscus contestant Miss CBS Power Solutions Ashna Dorees. Picture: SUPPLIED

COURAGE will help you to do what is right in tough situations.

This is a personal characteristic that Ashna Dorees believes is worth sharing on the national stage.

The 21-year-old from Suva is one of the 12 Queen contestants vying for the 2018 Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus festival crown.

She is sponsored by CBS Power Solutions.

The former Lelean Memorial School student and is presently attending Fiji National University said watching previous years contestants on television had inspired her to enter the pageant.

She said from the very first day of the pageant training, it was vital for her to balance her school activities, work and Hibiscus preparations.

“I would like to elaborate on the importance of honesty in one’s life as I believe being honest and taking responsibility for your actions are admiral qualities,” Ashna said.

She said she was very grateful for the support of her family and friends who had been assisting her throughout her preparations.

Meanwhile, she said the scariest thing about being a Hibiscus contestant was to keep up the confidence level, and one way in which she would be able to overcome this fear was by being determined whenever she encountered any hardship.

Ashna said one of the exciting things about being a Hibiscus contestant was meeting new people and getting to learn new things.

“I am advocating on the conservation of environment because conserving the environment is not only important but it is a necessity.

“For we only have one planet and I believe we must all do our best to ensure that is protected by combining our modern ways of living and a deeper respect of understanding of what nature provides us.”

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