Company rewards staff members, celebrates values

Sharvind Prakash (left) and Uraia Koroi of Yard and Warehouse Operations Centrepoint receiving their service award during the Vinod Patel awards night at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

VINOD Patel & Co Pte Ltd celebrated the values of its founding shareholders and hard work of staff members at an awards function held recently.

Company group manager – governance and corporate affairs, Latileta Qoro said there were seven categories of awards this year and a total of 19 awards with the main awards for the evening being Employee of the Year Retail Sector and Employee of the Year Manufacturing Sector.

Ms Qoro said these 19 awards comprised individual and team awards which therefore meant that about 90 individuals received awards on the evening. Board chairman Daksesh Patel said: “As we celebrate excellence, let us be reminded of and reflect on our story as a group and our founding shareholders’ values; integrity, hard work, trust but also and to a larger extent, empathy.

“Yes, our founding shoulders were disruptive and hardworking but they also cared deeply for people and the greater community. They had a commitment to society.

“Profitability was a byproduct of their first and foremost seeking, through business, to meet an apparent need in their community. “We therefore need to work together with our communities so that we can progress together as a nation.” Company CEO Veeral Patel said

“This awards night is about you and is about us acknowledging and thanking you for your dedication, passion, loyalty and drive’, referencing employees present. We were also happy to share and celebrate this critical element of our business with our suppliers, business partners etc., who were invited guests.”

Ms Qoro said the awards night also represented VPCL’s journey towards inculcating a performance-based organisational culture and gave the company a great opportunity to publicly acknowledge and appreciate team members who had served 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service and it was deeply rewarding to see them feel valued.

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