Commissioner Northern helps arrange food supplies on Taveuni

Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea.. Picture LUKE RAWALAI :FILE

COMMISSIONER Northern Jovesa Vocea has also stepped in to help out with arrangements of food supplies on Taveuni.

Though the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji has given the green light for the resumption of services of two of Goundar Shipping Ltd’s (GSL) vessels, Mr Vocea said arrangements of food and other supplies to supermarkets on Taveuni had been organised with Patterson Brothers Shipping services.

He said he contacted the management of Patterson Brothers Shipping on Tuesday morning to finalise arrangements.

“Arrangement is underway for 10 vehicles of 10 tonnes to carry food supplies and other supplies to Taveuni via Patterson Shipping tomorrow (yesterday),” Mr Vocea said.

“This will be through Natovi to Nabouwalu then to Natuvu.

“A barge is being arranged from Natuvu to Taveuni to transport these lorries across tomorrow (yesterday).”

Mr Vocea said the company was also arranging for a direct boat from Suva to Taveuni in the weekend.

“This is to supplement the efforts by the government barge operating between Natuvu and Taveuni.”

MSAF confirmed yesterday that GSL had been issued with interim document of compliance and interim safe ship certifications for its ships — Lomaiviti Princess V and Lomaiviti Princess III.

The authority confirmed that both ships were released from detention to continue with its operation effective from yesterday.

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