Celebrating resilience through fashion

Haus of Koila director Adi Koila Ganilau, second from left, with her family. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Haus of Koila launched its inaugural Sustainable Fashion in Suva yesterday celebrating resilience and sustainability through fashion and culture.

HOK director and established Fijian fashion designer Adi Koila Ganilau said the event was a culmination of resilience, adapting fashion to the new normal and embracing changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Coronavirus has made the fashion industry around the world come to a halt and like many in the industry; we’ve taken this hiatus as an opportunity to reassess our fashions direction of trend,” Ms Ganilau said.

“The pandemic has exposed the cracks in the system and pushed our brand more online and unfortunately for others, it took a shock like this for bigger companies to open their eyes.

“We hope that through this platform we inspire many others to continue doing what they do in the creative sector and adapt to sustainable measures in the long run.”

The event also initiated the brand’s corporate social responsibility arm for positive social impact empowering women and youths through sustainable entrepreneurship and development.

Featuring a retrospective collection by Haus of Koila, the event also paid homage to Adi Koila’s lineage of inspirational women.

“The new collection is a time capsule collection reflecting the different generations from my late grandmother, the late former first lady, Ro Adi Lady Lala Mara to her great granddaughters, who are learning to embrace the new world that has and will become post COVID-19,” Adi Koila added.

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