7th July

Safety and security is his game

Security officers provide a great service to the general populace. From an array of responsibilities including patrolling property on foot to securing a particular premise. Even protecting lives! Security guards also act as crime busters,...

6th July

A beautiful journey

The altruistic nature of Sarojani Michael knows no bounds. Her affiliation with the poor, downtrodden and underprivileged started from an early age. Nearly half a century later, she is still displaying the same zest. Mrs Michael is The JP Bayly Trust’s manager – West and she proudly proclaimed that the iconic non-governmental organisation (NGO) is...

4th July

Grandpa leads the way

Taito Cavei’s decision to leave where he was brought up in Waikete Village, Tailevu, at the age of 11 — is something he never regrets. The 92-year-old is originally from Nakuruwai Village in Noco, Rewa, but was brought up in Waikete Village. He is a man of many talents and knows a lot about the...

3rd July

From farming to managing a supermarket

While toiling the land as a young lad on the slopes of the Sigatoka Valley, Manoj Kumar didn’t imagine that one day he will be managing a supermarket in the busy town of Nausori. From muddy hands and gumboots to the comfort of a padded office chair behind a desk inside the busy Pak &...

2nd July

Living life to the fullest

Senior citizens are empowered because of the abundance of wisdom they possess. The same saying goes for 78-year-old retiree Shyam Bal Kissun, who also serves as Justice of Peace. He still displays the same zest when he was young and says age is just a number. “I was a bright kid when I started primary...