26th September

Journey back home

Monday, September 28 is very special. It is a day when Setareki Ledua becomes one of the youngest captains to sail a traditional war canoe across Fiji waters. The young man from Fulaga in Lau,...

25th September

Sewing a future – Marama a driving force in her family

Her hands and skills as a tailor have earned a livelihood for her and her family – a mother of four, who once was a promising applicant to join the British Army. Plans to enlist into the British Army suddenly changed for Ravaela Marama Cakaubuli, who found the love of her life and decided to...

24th September

PEOPLE: Anaseini the masi designer

When Anaseini Lewavai lost her job as a manager at a renowned Nadi International Airport duty-free outlet in March this year, she felt the world cave in around her. She felt like all her hard work at attaining a degree after studying at the Fiji Institute of Technology and University of the South Pacific had...

23rd September

Single mum stays positive despite COVID-19 pandemic

Life ever since COVID-19 unleashed its deadly outbreak worldwide, is scary. While people living in developed nations with huge economies are reassured of government relief programs, those in countries like Fiji are being forced to be creative to survive. The advantage Pacific people have is the fact that they have always been resilient. Eking out...

22nd September

A gift of poetry

Nicknamed Rijavale Bera, he is wellknown as a storyteller, one gifted with a talent of putting words in poems and songs. Over the years, he gradually became well-known on social media and local radio stations, recognised for his skill of relating events into poems and songs. Even using his imagination in creating poetic stories relating...

21st September

Rhonda’s reality – A tough life for being different

Basic rights for many may be privileges to some. When walking alone is no longer considered safe, that’s when basic rights of a person are compromised. Such is the life of Ratu Eroni Ledua Dina, a training and quality manager employed at Mindpearl Fiji. Eroni, who is intimately known as Rhonda, faces a different kind...