Letters To The Editors

31st July

Letters to the Editor – Saturday, July 31, 2021

Winning styles Couldn’t help contrasting the different gold winning styles used when looking at Ben Ryan’s winning brigade in Rio in 2016 and Gareth Baber’s giant slayers brigade. The Rio team displayed artistry, elegance, sophistication...

30th July

Letters to the Editor – July 30, 2021

Well done KUDOS to little Jerry and his gladiators for a historically golden accomplishment. Well done team Fiji!. Hats off to head successful coach and mentor Gareth Baber for moulding a deadly and a winning combo. As a symbolic gesture and appreciation, I hope our good government bestows Gareth with the chiefly title of Ratu...

29th July

Letters to the Editor – Thursday, July 29, 2021

Defensive strategy I believe the defensive strategy implemented by Baber is great and working well. The players have adapted well to this structure as they have been spot on with their tackling. Most interestingly, the players have been tackling within the rules of the game and maintaining their discipline. That’s the way to go, if...

28th July

Letters to the Editor – Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Scintilating performance We bounced back in emphatic style and proved our critics wrong. With mediocre performance in the first two pool matches there were already some negativities perpetuated on social media. But less did they realise the fact, that it is 7s rugby and we can always regroup and come out firing in the next...

27th July

Letters to the Editor – July 27, 2021

Nervy start IT was a nervy start from our players against Japan in the first pool match in Tokyo. Having the favourites tag, combined with added pressure to defend the gold medal, seemed to have overtaken our performance for some time. But we bounced back and almost pulled it out of the fire. When the stakes are really high, this is the level of competition expected at...

26th July

Letters to the Editor – July 26, 2021

Climate change THE World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) had recently and unequivocally stated that “climate  change was the root cause for the torrential rainstorms and deadly floods ravaging across Western Europe this summer”. The WMO also rightly added “we have always had extreme weather events but because of climate change, we have started seeing them more often and they are more intense”. That’s all very true and experiences around...