Cartoon for the day – 19th March 2019

18th March

Yacata women celebrate

Women on the island of Yacata in Cakaudrovehave can now celebrate. All homes except eight now have water tanks that are able to harvest rainwater needed for cooking, drinking and cleaning. STC Winston flattened homes and blew away roofs when it ravaged Fiji in 2016, affecting villagers’ ability to harvest rainwater. Women, who depended on...

Cartoon for the day – 18th March 2019

Crossword – 18th March 2019

Designers learn principles of designing

AN important element in fashion is ensuring that there should be a connection for the collections. Highlighting this, international award-winning fashion teacher, designer and Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) mentor Nicholas Huxley said these include architecture, dominance, lines, direction, colour, texture, shape, repetition, proportions and shape. Mr Huxley conducted a Fashion and Design Workshop in Suva...

17th March

Models selected to take part in FJFW

SEVENTY-FIVE models have been selected by the Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) to take part in the FJFW show in May. FJFW managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight said they had a huge number of models turning up to be part of this year’s show. The models had their first choreography rehearsals in Suva on Saturday. “Basically we...

The greatest tragedy

THERE are many reasons why a certain tribe came under the rule of another or became a vanua qali. According to historian and linguist Dr Paul Geraghty as a vanua qali you are subservient and under the rule of another vanua. For example, when Fiji was ceded to Great Britain, we came under the rule...

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Crossword – 16th March 2019

16th March

Designer Nicholas Huxley with one of his designs during the Business of Fashion workshop at the National Productivity and Training Centre at Nabua campus on Wednesday, January 18, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

FJFW designers learn principles of designing

THE Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) held a Fashion and Design workshop last night to teach designers the principles of designing. FJFW mentor Nicholas Huxley who facilitated the workshop said the event was about teaching emerging designers the elements and principles of designing. “These include architecture, dominance, lines, direction, colour, texture, shape, repetition, proportions and   shape,”...

Cartoon for the day – 16th March 2019

15th March

Cartoon for the day – 15th March 2019

Crossword – 15th March 2019

14th March

Young singer unveils album

MEGHNA Goundar’s interest in music began at the tender age of four after watching her father, Sagadewan Goundar, practise with his band. Today at 16 years, she said she was thankful for the influence her father had on her because it opened up the opportunity to release her first album. “So it all started as...

Crossword – 14th March 2019

13th March

The new Ferrari spider

As far as wishful ‘thinking’ goes I’d probably sell it but for the money but if you’re a true car enthusiastic – you’d probably do the same if you’re expecting to drive it in Fiji, wouldn’t you. I’m talking about the hottest most powerful series production Ferrari convertible you’ve ever seen by far. The Independent...

Hummingbird electric folding bike

After decades of ponderous milk floats, feeble golf buggies and those annoying squeaky-wheeled airport terminal transporters, electric vehicles have slowly transformed themselves into lean, clean driving machines. Now, at last, a similar metamorphosis is happening in the world of electric bikes. Website the Guardian reports the past couple of years has seen a revolution in...

The new generation

Porsche has unveiled the 992-generation. Carrera S and Carrera 4S versions of the evergreen German sports car will be available in Australia from the second quarter of 2019, priced from $AUS286,500 (about $F4309,48) and $302,600 (plus on-road costs) respectively. Power comes courtesy of 3.0-litre turbocharged flat-six engine, tied to manual or new eight-speed automatic transmissions....

Testing ground for self driven cars

Silicon Valley may be the birthplace of self-driving technology, but Arizona has become its testing ground. That’s where Uber and Waymo, Google parent company Alphabet’s self-driving subsidiary, have both set up shop to test their self-driving cars. The road hasn’t always been smooth—in addition to being dragged into a major intellectual-property lawsuit, both Waymo and...

Car deals are still on

SAKURA Carz is the place to be when you are looking for your very own second-hand car as they got the best deals in Suva. According to director Irshad Jan the company has just received its new shipment of cars for 2019. Here are a few offers buyers can take advantage of at Sakura Carz:-...

Built to be the best SUV

INTRODUCING the all new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross designed and built to be the best SUV inside and out with 1.5L direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine, 18inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights and more features. Every aspect of Eclipse Cross is designed to stand out with fuses bold design, the latest technology and exceptional safety in...

Why it’s the best ute on the market

More durable — When you drive off in your brand new Amarok you won’t see the guys at the service centre until you’ve clocked up 10,000km. That’s quite the distance, especially when other Utes have a service interval of 5,000km. More pull The Volkswagen group owns Scania and M.A.N, two of the world’s most respected...

Hashim’s boxer engine

Hashim Singh, 26, didn’t know much about cars until his uncle bought a Toyota Levin and transformed it into a spectacle ride. The same uncle that taught him about cars since Hashim was in Year 9. He said his uncle owned a garage and got him involved in modifying cars. The more he worked on...

Crazy deals on wheels

SHREEDHAR Motors has a wide range of quality and well-maintained trade-in used cars that offer Fijian customers the best options to choose from low and affordable prices. All pre-used and trade-in vehicles are physically and mechanically inspected at our service centres around country. Normal lube service is carried out before the sale of vehicle at...

Crossword – 13th March 2019

Cartoon for the day – 13th March 2019