Captain: MAX 8 the best

Fiji Airways pilot Josua Cavalevu with his wife Tuipulotu Cavalevu and daughter Atalya Cavalevu infront of the New Boeing 737 MAX 8 at Fiji Airways hanger in Nadi yesterday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

AFTER flying six different versions of a Boeing aircraft, Fiji Airways senior flight Captain Josua Cavalevu ranks the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 as one of the best.

He said the fuel-efficient aircraft came with flight deck technology that every commercial pilot dreamed of.

“Compared to the older ones, the MAX 8 flies a lot smoother,” he said.

“You can tell the amount of fuel that it burns is a lot lower.

“We were very surprised that it was much less than what we had expected.

“The technology that is available to us in the flight deck especially is taking it to the next level and we are very proud of it.

“This aeroplane is a proven product for us.

“We’ve had seven different variants of this aircraft. Out of all of these different versions that we’ve had, the MAX 8 is the best.”

Yesterday, the airline officially welcomed its first Boeing 737 MAX 8 called the “Island of Kadavu”, flown by Capt Cavalevu. Chief guest at the welcome ceremony was Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

He said achieving a strong economic base for the airline and the country depended on having a long term vision.

“The Fijian Government has a 20-year plan and we have a five- year plan for our airline Fiji Airways.

In fact, the long term plan is very exciting and it can only be realised if all of us are able to come on to the same page.

“We need all of stakeholders including all of our tourism stakeholders to be able to have a single focus which is to consolidate the position of our national carrier and it is something to be proud of.”

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