Capable officials needed: Bower

Team Fiji chef de mission Patrick Bower. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU/FT FILE

Team Fiji chef de mission to the Olympic Games Patrick Bower believes with the ongoing COVID-19 predicament in the country Fiji needs to be vigilant if they are challenged to stage an international event in terms of sports in the near future.

“We would need to elect leaders who are capable of handling their designated posts, the support of the whole nation needs to be evident,” Bower said.

Leadership roles including tournament directors, officials managers to ensure the smooth operation of the event whilst adhering to the necessary COVID-19 protocols and policies in place.

“Strict protocols must be monitored and adhered to, long term planning needs to be made well in advance, and realistic and achievable goals must be set in place and achieved on schedule.”

Bower shared these insights on seeing the procedures in place during the Tokyo Olympic Games.

“The long term planning that was made by the Japanese to ensure the games were held was excellently executed.” But to achieve readiness the hard work needed to be done way beforehand in all aspects that achieve Fiji’s way of life.

“The continued strict monitoring of the protocols even though we have removed the borders.

“Setting up of committees with responsible leaders in each of our communities to ensure that the entire population maintains a positive outlook toward the protocols.”

“This can only come about through careful monitoring with the appointment of leaders who have the heart to see these programs come to fruition.”

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