Cancer ‘curable at earliest stages’

From left, Dr Alipate Vakamocea, Ajay Bhai Amrit and Hemendra Nagin at the Bushells Fiji’s Biggest Morning Tea event on Wednesday. Picture: RAMA

CLINICIAN and obstetrician-gynaecologist Dr Alipate Vakamocea emphasised the importance of early detection at the Bushells Fiji’s Biggest Morning Tea event hosted by the Motibhai Group at Walu Bay on Wednesday.

“Cancer is curable when presented in its earliest stages,” he said.

Dr Vakamocea said although Fiji had recorded more cases of cervical cancer than other cancers, when compared with developed countries, Fiji’s rates were less.

“This margin exists particularly because of taboos and stigmas that surround the detection of cancers in women.

“A Pap smear to people in developed countries is more like a routine checkup which needs to be encouraged as well in Fiji. A Pap smear will be able to tell you your chances of developing cervical cancer.

“Presenting to us early will help us detect cancer and treat it. People need to remember that we cannot cut what we cannot see which is the case when cancers are found at their latest stages.”

The Fiji Cancer Society stated it had registered a total of 733 patients from 2018 to date.

The annual fundraiser event marked the 15th anniversary of the Motibhai Group’s partnership with the Fiji Cancer Society in raising funds to assist cancer patients in Fiji.

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