Bill to make processes faster, says minister

Minister for Infrastructure and Meteorological Services, Lands and Mineral Resources Jone Usamate (left) with Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Alexander O’Connor during a Parliament sitting earlier this year. Picture: FILE/RAMA

The Consequential Bill No.17 will make processes faster, says Minister for Infrastructure, Meteorological Services, Lands and Mineral Resources Jone Usamate.

He said it was a step to speed up their processes.

He said there were more than 10,000 such delays over these past few years.

“Seventy per cent of these delays were accomplished within the 10-day time frame.

“Yes, there have been cases in the past where it has taken months and even years, even though there has been a gradual improvement over the years.

“These delays will now become a thing of the past.

“Processes will be faster and at the same time, the ministry will make its own adjustment so that it can keep track of all of our leases.

“Bill No.16 on the State Lands Act does not change the ownership rights of State land and this is also true for Bill No.17 which does not diminish the rights of TLTB over the land that it manages in trust for iTaukei landowners.”

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