Bal has no regrets

Proud father Bal Krishna reads about Roy Krishna’s success story in The Fiji Times yesterday at their family home in Labasa. Inset: Roy Krishna with his golden boot award. Picture: NEWS CORP

WELLINGTON striker Roy Krishna’s father still remembers the day he had to buy the soccer star’s first soccer boots, choosing to sacrifice their family’s weekly budget for rice to buy his son’s boots.

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday an emotional and proud Bal Krishna said he never regretted that decision adding that Roy’s latest medal was part of his family’s many blessings.

Krishna said his son had been blessed with a passion for the game and that he had always told him to pursue his dreams and leave everything to the Almighty.

“He was in class five when I was asked by the school teacher at St Mary’s Primary School to buy my son a soccer boot as he was to play for the school team,” remembers Bal.

“I will never forget the day I had to buy his boot in 1997 because Roy slept with the boots until the next morning.

“Still working as a casual labourer for the Fiji Sugar Corporation mill in Labasa at the time I was not earning much so I had to sacrifice our weekly budget for rice to buy the boots.

“Looking back through the years now I do not regret making the choice because it has produced a star for our family.”

Bal said his son’s passion for the game were developed in the unkempt grounds of Siberia, their home of many years, as he watched the soccer teams in the area compete during their weekly tourneys.

When this newspaper visited the family of Roy Krishna yesterday, his proud grandmother and number one fan Taiamma Kannaiya was at the star’s family home with a copy of The Fiji Times bearing the good news that her grandson had won the Johnny Warren medal for being the best player during the 2018-19 A-League Season.

An emotional Kannaiya said she was so happy and proud of her grandson’s achievement adding she was his number one fan.

The Taveuni native said her years of looking after Roy during his young days had paid off. Meanwhile Roy’s mother Sarita Krishna said she was excited and happy for her son and his wife Naziah Ali.

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