Arrest in brawl case

Members of the Police Special Response Unit station deployed to the scene and eased the situation at Mead Rd in Nabua during the Easter weekend. Picture: ATU RASEA/FT FILE

ACTING Police Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu says an arrest has been made in relation to the Easter weekend brawl in Nabua, Suva.

He said while the focus at present was on discussion and dialogue between the Sukanaivalu Rd and Mead Rd housing groups, police were on to those who were responsible for the melee.

“For the first incident, an arrest has been made,” said Mr Tudravu.

“You know that (Jone) Vakarisi is from the top (Mead Rd housing) and the matter with him has already been handled.

“We brought in the one who has been leading the youths below at Sukanaivalu. We spoke to him on Wednesday and a warning has been given.”

Mr Tudravu said the two victims who were allegedly assaulted in the second brawl which took place this week were unable to identify the attackers.

“The two victims who got assaulted cannot identify who assaulted them.

“You know in police work, you have to have evidence. People are saying the footage is there. Yes, of course footage is there but we need somebody to identify these people and come forward and have to write a statement for us to get things rolling.

“So these are all the things that are affecting our investigations.”

Mr Tudravu said investigations were ongoing, along with discussions and dialogue in an attempt to bring both parties together and diffuse the situation.

“We have been given assurance by the youths there that it ignited from a playground issue and then some of the effects of things that they have done in the past that has led to this. So we just need to find a long lasting solution for them.”

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