Airline’s management of environmental, social impacts ‘deemed adequate’

Fiji Airways aircraft at Nadi International Airport. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE Asian Development Bank found Fiji Airways’ management of social and environmental impacts were “deemed adequate”.

ADB president Masatsugu Asakawa stated this in his report to the board of directors in December 2020 while recommending the $65 million loan that was to be given to Fiji Airlines.

“Fiji Airways monitors fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions,” he said.

“Fiji Airways has emissions reduction targets to reduce potential climate change impacts.”

He said Fiji Airways files annual reports under International Air Transport Association’s fuel reporting and emissions database platform.

“Fiji Airways has internationally compliant standard operating procedures for noise abatement and, with Airports Fiji, rolled out management measures to prevent bird collisions.

“It also implemented plans for emergency procedures, and for handling and control of dangerous goods, or hazardous waste materials.

“Aircraft disinfection is performed in line with Australian and New Zealand biosecurity procedures.”

ADB’s corporate audit also concluded that Fiji Airways’ management system and plans address the impacts and risks associated with the company’s normal pre-pandemic operations, stated Mr Asakawa.

“The institutional capacity and commitment of the company to manage the project’s social and environmental impacts are deemed adequate.”

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