ACCF holds awareness session with union leaders

FTUC members with ACCF chief executive Parvez Akbar. Picture: SUPPLIED

An awareness session was held by the Accident Compensation Commission CEO Parvez Akbar at the Fiji Trades Union Congress Council meeting in Suva last Saturday.

According to a statement by ACCF, the session was held with the trade union leaders, and other executive board members including sub-committee members of the Fiji Trades Union Congress from different parts of Fiji.

The session covered the rights, entitlements and obligations under the Accident Compensation Act 2017.

Mr. Akbar highlighted the benefits of the Accident Compensation Scheme for workers.

“Particularly given the challenges that existed prior to the introduction of the Accident Compensation Scheme. These included workers having to prove fault of the employer, being caught up in protracted and acrimonious legal proceedings, incurring legal costs and unreasonable exclusions,” the statement said.

“The process for applying for compensation is far simpler with ACCF compared to the old law, and the amount of compensation paid is higher. More workers have access to compensation now than ever before.”

He advised that  the majority of applicants for compensation for injuries arising from motor vehicle and employment accidents would not had received compensation under the previous legal framework since it was fault based compared to the ACCF no-fault scheme.

ACCF has paid in excess of $17 million in compensation since January 1, 2018 and has paid the sum of $2,780,000.00 for employment accidents.


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