A simple farmer – Babu: Only hard work can get you there

Babu Kumar has been a farmer all his life. Picture: SUPPLIED

Votualevu, Nadi resident Babu Kumar has lived a simple life and followed the thumb rule that is “there is no substitute for hard work”.

The soft-spoken bachelor said farming had been a part of his life for the past 20 years.

“I have been farming since I was a very young boy,” said the 39-year-old.

Babu said his father was a role model for him and taught him everything he needed to know about farming.

With those teachings, Babu went to work and even though he balanced his time in school with farming, it was farming that he was more interested in.

Like many farmers nationwide, financial constraints brought a burden and the Kumar family had their own dues to pay.

This resulted in Babu skipping school to work on the farm full-time. Today he looks back with no regrets.

He said one could not shake their hands and legs to get what they wanted in life but needed to work hard.

“No one will feed you throughout your life — one needs will to build their own destiny.”

Kumar said he chose to be on his own and not get married and put all his trust in his God — more than anyone else in life.

“The Lord is my biggest strength.” He said his motivation came from seeing his planted seedlings taking shape.

“When I plough new soil for fresh seedlings and when I see greenery from the shoots, I feel very happy knowing that my hard work has paid off,” he said.

In his free time Babu likes socialising with his friends in his village community and using the social media platform Facebook.

“I also like watching movies as well”. Babu said his brothers were also involved in farming.

“I think I always wanted to become a farmer in life. I have a vegetable farm, a sugarcane farm plus I also raise livestock that includes bullocks and cows.

“In the future I want to upscale my farming and save enough money for rainy days.”

He encouraged youngsters to work hard and leave the rest to God.

“It is also very important to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone in the society. My dad is my role model because he taught me how to farm the land and to further grow myself in farming.”

Babu said some of the struggles he faced as a farmer had been mostly during cyclones or the drought season where his vegetable crops would either get destroyed or not get the expected returns.

“We just have to adapt and find a solution because life waits for no man.”

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