$750k for coconut development program

Participants of the Wholenut Processing Workshop learn how to operate the electric coconut scraper during the workshop. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

THE Ministry of Agriculture through ITS Crop Extension Services and Research division promotes overall development of coconut as part of a farming system whilst focussing on the rehabilitation of existing field and plantations.

Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy said this year the ministry was allocated a budget of $750,000 under the coconut development program for the establishment of 531 hectares of coconut plantation across the coconut growing areas in Fiji.

Speaking during the Whole Nut Processing training in Dreketi, Macuata on Thursday Dr Reddy said the Ministry over the years had also provided support for the industry through infrastructure development and provision of technical advisory services to the stakeholders.

“The Fijian government through Ministry of Agriculture is fully committed to rehabilitating the coconut industry and part of this rehabilitation work is to promote utilisation of whole nuts in order to supplement their income,” he said.

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