48 years of independence

The Moana Loa group together with soldiers of the RFMF and students in Labasa perform a skit for the crowd. Picture LUKE RAWALAI

IT was history in the making as members of the public were treated to two military ceremonies at one time at Subrail Park in Labasa on Wednesday.

The trooping the colour was witnessed by more than 7000 people in the daytime while the Military Tattoo was held on the night of the Fiji Day celebrations.

Members of the public were dazed by the fireworks that lit up the Labasa night sky.

People sat in utter silence mesmerised by the various displays, including dances by soldiers of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF), Fiji Police Force and various dance groups.

Plays focussed on the extensive role of the RFMF in war-torn countries and other situations.

Both events were witnessed by the members of the diplomatic corps, including senior government officials.

The displays were performed in a backdrop of a castle wall.

Members of the public literally roared in surprise and amazement as guns and volleys of canons ricocheted within Subrail Park during both ceremonies.

Labasa resident Anasa Tubailagi framed the experience of the public when he said both ceremonies would remain in the memories of those that witnessed them forever

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