2022 General Election: ‘We want leaders who respect what we value’

Villagers from the district of Namuka happy to have voted at the Namuka District School in Macuata yesterday. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

The people in the district of Namuka in Macuata are ready to embrace change, change they say that has eluded them for a while.

They showed up in numbers to cast their votes during the fourth day of pre-polling at Namuka District School.

“We thank the Government for what it has done over the years but look forward to a new beginning that will determine our future in the next four years,” said Matainadoi Village headman Solomone Tubuisuru.

“I personally want a government that practises good governance.”

Mr Tubuisuru said he made his choice at the voting booth based on what his village cherished and badly needed.

“First and foremost I voted because I want a government that leads with integrity, respect and love.

“That translates to paying attention to what we say, what we need and protecting what we hold dear in our hearts.”

Mr Tubuisuru said Namuka needed more development, better roads, better educational facilities and market for the abundant marine resources in the district.

“At the same time, we want leaders who will respect what we value, like our land, our kinship ties, our chiefs and our customs and traditions.

“I want a leader who is grounded on spiritual values and puts God first.”

Ravuka Village headman Sevanaia Bujayaro echoed the same sentiments.

“We want a government that listens to the voice of the people and respects their different views,” he said.

The people of Namuka need better roads, protection from coastal erosions and better water supply.

To celebrate the day, the elderly from the district gathered for a grog session where there were lots of laughter and jokes.

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