$1.5million for sea wall construction

Agriculture Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy speaking in Parliament. Picture: PARLIAMENT OF FIJI/FILE

The Ministry of Agriculture, Waterways and Environment has secured $1.5 million from the Asian Development Bank for the construction of nature-based sea walls at 10 coastal sites.

Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy told the Parliament the ministry was undertaking a number of projects to protect our coastal communities.

“We have also got funding from the British High Commission to do a nature-based sea wall at Namatakula Village this year, so a total of 11,” said Dr Reddy.

“Then we have got budgetary allocation to do another 10 sites.

“Some of this work we are securing money from outside donors.

“We are not sitting here and say when the request comes from the communities and we said that it is not in the line item, not in the budget and therefore we cannot do your coastal rehabilitation work now.

“We have done nine coastal nature-base sea wall last year, all funded from external donors.”

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