2018 Kaila Star Search: Top 15 contestants

WITH seven participants eliminated from the first Kaila! Star Search elimination round on Friday, event consultant Savuto Vakadewavosa has urged the remaining participants to consistently bring out their best going forward. Vakadewavosa said competitors had...

Crossword – 20th July 2018

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Singing for ‘Lucky’

DETERMINED to walk away with the Kaila! Star Search 2018 award, Kathleen Hill says all preparation towards that is for her late friend Akuila Salavuki. Mr Salavuki, commonly known as ‘Lucky’, was allegedly murdered at the Suva Foreshore in May. The 21-year-old Hill, who was a close friend of Mr Salavuki, said when she was...

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Crossword – 14th July 2018

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Crossword – 13th July 2018

He’s cool at his job

PROBABLY one of the coolest expatriates in Fiji, he loves to stand while doing his work and almost every second word is followed by a laugh or giggle. Something which makes for a really funny interview. When James Macbeth Forbes was told that he was coming to Fiji, he was delighted because he had heard...

Kumar’s bhajan journey

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people.” These were the sentiments of 38-year-old Anuj Kumar who lives in Waidradra, Navua, and is a prominent bhajan (devotional song) artist. We caught up with Kumar at his latest bhajan competition at Rampur College in Navua last Saturday. His interest in bhajan began in his...

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